Find Myself

I’ve lived my life like a tumble weed, no direction to follow as I went with the direction of the wind but that is all changing as I  am finding my way. I thought I needed you, I couldn’t breathe without you but I have found that I am fine without you as I have realized that I do not need you.

I reached out so many times to find no one there to take my hand to guide me through the stormy weather. I thought one day soon you would show yourself but you have not and can I blame you? No, you live your life and I live mine but I can no longer cheat myself of what should be mine.

I wish you happiness and I wish your hopes and dreams fulfill you because I am not enough for you and I realize that. Im not a puppet, Im not a follower I am just me and right now I feel hollow. This will change in time but unfortunately  I cannot be the one you want.

I will always be fine, I will always do what I think is right and I will move forward without being your wife. Time heals all wounds or so I am told and I believe I will always be alright without you. Im setting myself free as I let go of you and me. Forget me as I will forget you and move forward into this life, this life which is a zoo.


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