Age Appropriate

The biggest mistake men make when dating is not dating age appropriate women. If you’re 50 you shouldn’t be dating women in their 20’s because there is nothing in common for the most part. When you date to young you are setting yourself up for failure unless all you want is to get laid.

If you are looking for a relationship that will eventually be solid you have to date someone closer to your age as there is a mandatory maturity that comes with age. You do not want someone who is only out for what they can get from you and then dump you for someone younger.

I don’t date men that are more than ten years younger than myself because they have no idea how to relate to me. There has to be common interests and understanding of many different things in life. I do not want some young guy with a hot body that I know will always have a wandering eye.

Younger men are to immature for me and they do not know how to treat a lady respectfully. They have no idea that open doors for a lady is important or pulling out a chair for her. It’s a shame that the world has changed so much and respect is no longer a given.


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