First Dates

Most people go to dinner or meet for drinks on the first date and that is fine but so vanilla. For me the first date needs to be something the two people can do together, horseback riding with a picnic, ziplining, something exciting. I get bored so quickly and when there isn’t a connection then there is too much silence between the two of you.

I’ve always been taken to dinner which is fine and it does give time to discover each other but I am looking for the guy that breaks out of the mold. I like to hear men talk about their children but don’t let that dominate the conversation because who likes to watch home movies? Get my meaning?

It’s also nice when he is “friends” with his ex and they put their children first.When you have young children I do not believe they should meet the person you are dating for at least three months. It’s not fair to the child to introduce someone to soon into the mix because if things don’t work out it can affect the children.

I do not like when a guy tries to get me into bed on the first date and I will not date him again because that shows me he just wants to get laid. I like intelligent and funny guys that can be silly and laugh at themselves as I am that way and Im always laughing at myself.

The man who catches my heart will make the first date memorable and fun and keep seriousness at bay. I do not like getting serious on the first date and I do not like being told what and what I can do with my life. Im the type of person you either love or hate from the get go and I make no apologizes for that.

I cannot remember when I had a really great date, a date that makes me drool for more time with that person and that is what Im looking for. I need that connection and because I have such a neopolitan personality that its hard to find someone who can appreciate me for the person I am.

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