To Commit

It’s important to know as much as you can about someone before you commit to them. You need to know how they about religion, politics, family, commitment, children and many more things. People fail to discuss money which is huge in any relationship.

That was a huge downfall in my marriage as I didn’t think to ask about how he handled money or what his bills were. When we married he was forty thousand dollars in debt between credit cards and other bills. I was the one that took our finances and got all of our bills paid off.

I helped pay for private schooling and I helped support his kids and when the oldest one got pregnant I paid for all of her maternity clothes and she lived with us. His girls had been taught that it was his responsibility to constantly be there financially for his kids.

It was so unfortunate that these girls didn’t appreciate anything and were quite demanding. We had a baby on the way and his oldest daughter wanted us to pay for college and an apartment along with a car but we couldn’t afford it and she got pissed off at us.

She tried to blame me for her parents not getting back together three years after they were divorced and she told me I stood in the way of them reuniting. I became the fall guy for everything which it is so easy to blame the step parent which is so wrong.

I do not have a relationship with either girls and because they are self absorbed and selfish and I refuse to let anyone blame me for their relationship or lack of one with their dad. I went out of my way to bring them back into the fold when he was dieing and Im glad I did because it was important for my husband to lay to rest the problems between him and his girls.

I never tried to cut them out of our lives but instead tried to make them part of our family but the issues he had with them ran to deep and the wounds never did heal. They have to live with themselves and Im sure they suffer from bouts of guilt but that is something they have to deal with.

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