Five Years

It will be five years since I have had sex with a man and it isn’t fun at all let me tell you. It’s not for lack of opportunities as I have had many chances to change my sexual status. I just hold sex up high right along with my spirituality and yes my body is a temple to be respected.

Most people would not believe that it’s been five years and wonder how could I live without sex. I live without it because there must be something special between myself and the other person. I had a connection with Celestino but not enough to spread my legs.

When you place sex at the top of your list of things you want then you devalue yourself because we are so much more than sexual beings. I’m very good in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom ect. because I have made it so and I know what I like and that has helped me to open myself up to learn the importance of sex.

Anyone can fuck you but will they be there for you when your house comes tumbling down around you? Will they be there when you are in emotional or physical pain? Will that person be there when you really need them? Will that person understand and care what is happening in your life?

There are so many nights that I want to be touched and I want to be loved and yes there are many sleepless nights. I take care of my needs to relieve that built u stress and there is nothing wrong with that. I left my vibrator in my bed the other night and the boys found it and brought it into the great room. Im glad I was alone because that could have been very embarrassing if someone else was home or visiting!

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