Getting Easier

As the days pass it is getting easier for me to forget someone who I have had feelings for. I no longer converse with him on any platform and he has been less and less in my thoughts. When I decided to delete him from my life I thought it would just about do me in but guess what? It hasn’t!

He shows me nothing and I think he just gets a big hard on reading how someone could care for him without ever meeting him. I’m done with wasting myself on someone who isn’t interested in me. He just enjoys looking at my pics and reading everything I write.

He is one of those that married to young, became wealthy to fast and lives the high life. We have little in common if anything and he has nothing to offer me. Sure if you want to live the high life then you would go for him but for me my life has it’s challenges but nothing that has put me under.

I guess people like attention in any form and yes I like attention to but not being called a bitch is one of them. He thinks he can have anything or anyone he wants and he probably does but they are not quality people and driving a BMW doesn’t make him any better than anyone else.

He travels quite a bit, lives in a grand house that he has even posted a picture of and he has rubbed elbows with the “best of the best” or so he thinks. What he has failed to learn is a common woman like myself has more to offer than his rich and famous women.

I am not one bit envious of him and he has not a single thing that I want including his wealth. There will come a time this year when I am finally involved with someone else and he won’t even be a faded memory. Maybe, the loss of me in his life will make him realize what is really important.

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