Never To Forget

It will be three years my husband has been gone on April 26, he passed ten days after his birthday so it’s like a double wammy in the same month. We never forget the day we married, divorced or lost a loved one. Even though my marriage was not fulfilling and happy I still remember my husband’s birthday and the day he died.

We miss the person that has passed but what we forget is God has a grander plan for them and their work on this is earth has come to and end. Would you rather have that person continue to suffer from their illness or be at peace in a better place? Those that die from accidents also have finished their work on this earth.

We are a selfish bunch as we do not want to give up our way of life, our bank account, home, cars ect. and that includes people in our lives. It is so damn hard to let go of those that were a major part of our lives but we have no choice and have to accept the loss.

As I sit here drinking my morning tea I have very vivid pictures of my husband’s last days in my mind. It’s like a movie as it plays over and over in my head. It’s amazing how fast a person can go down hill to death the last month of their life as they try to fight off the illness that they will succumb to.

The kids don’t seem to remember his birthday or the date of his death or maybe they do but just choose not to discuss it. My husband’s death really affected my daughter as the daddy/daughter relationship is so special in so many ways. My daughter talks of getting married one day and wanting me to walk her down the aisle.

I see the sadness in her eyes when she speaks of this special occasion without her dad being part of it and there will be many more events that she would have wanted him to attend. He is proud of her and I have no doubt that he looks down from heaven and says “that’s my daughter”.

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