To Young

My daughter and I have had the marriage talk which means I have told her if she is thinking about marrying her boyfriend she better think again. I have made it clear that if she marries before she finishes college to count me out because I cannot agree to a marriage before she has dated other guys.

I have seen to many divorces of those that marry young because after they have the kids and they are almost grown then the divorce comes. When you marry to young you cheat yourself out of the experiences that you need to make better decisions in your life.

You need to experience different relationships and you need the freedom to do things that young people should do. As you grow your thoughts and feelings evolve and both of you do not grow at the same pace. Yes, it’s all fun and grand to be in love but young love generally doesn’t last.

My daughter is so much more mature than her boyfriend and she makes much better decisions than he does. Yes he is a nice kid but he just isn’t on the same level that she is. Boys mature much slower than girls and my daughter has lived much more than someone her age.

I know it’s going to break her boyfriends heart when she breaks up with him but Im sure he will survive. I cannot help pay for a wedding and she knows it. She has very expensive taste and she wants the best and knows that I can be of no help financially so she will work hard to have a beautiful wedding.

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