You can learn a lot about someone by spending time with them but if you really want to know more about them then spend a week together. When two people spend a week on vacation you learn so many things about them, their habits good and bad, how clean and tidy they are, how flexible or rigid.

It’s so important to know these things about a person because it’s the little things that drive us crazy about someone else. Spending a weekend together is usually nothing but a good time and sex. We don’t pay much attention to much more than that during those several days.

You can never learn enough about someone in a few days several times a month but people find themselves in such a state of euphoria that they don’t look closer at the person. It’s so easy to have a good time and to get laid and sometimes we think we are falling for that person.

We do not fall for the person but we do fall for the abundance of sex and good times and that is when we for go good judgement. In this day and age if you date a woman six months she begins to push you in the direction of marriage and six months just is not enough time especially when it’s mostly weekends spent together.

When a woman doesn’t hear anything as far as an engagement more likely than not she begins to look elsewhere and yes you are none the wiser. The days you are not with her she will be with someone else and eventually leave you in the dust and move on.

Marriage can be good, hell it can be great but it scares the hell out of me to think about getting married again. I just cannot take cheaters and liars and that seems to be the way most men are these days. I will eventually meet the man that fits the bill for me and he will be forth right and truthful as well as honest.

Karma Comes

I was engaged once before I got married and when I met him he was married. Once a cheater always a cheater as his wife found out about us and filed for divorce. I was much younger and  dumber than but I learned quickly that if he cheated with me he would cheat on me.

He got fired from his job and told me he got laid off so I let him move in with me and I supported him until I kicked him out. During that time he worked for my mail order business and when he discovered he didn’t own any of my business he started hitting on my customers.

He blew smoke up one customers ass and she paid him to fly to New York and deliver a baby bird of mine. While in New York they did what two people do when together and then he flew home. I was unaware at that time that he had been stealing from my company and he also stole my customer base.

I heard him on the phone telling her he loved her and I asked him what was going on. Of course he lied and then I found my business books and such in the trunk of his car. I kicked him out and she once again flew him to New York and he helped her empty out the apartment her and her husband were sharing.

The husband hired a private detective to follow me because he thought I was involved with them which I wasn’t. Long story short she got divorced and married the dick head and then she eventually died. He got everything that was hers of course and while she was sick he was cheating on her.

He was a lazy piece of shit always looking for his sugar mama and he once again married. Well, karma gets us when we least expect it and she divorced him leaving him with nothing. Now he is crying like a little bitch saying she took his life savings and left him with nothing.

Everything he had he got from women and he now lives in New Mexico working for Sears. He was a loser from day one and he was a mama’s boy which was nauseating. He took advantage of every woman in his life and now where is he? Looking for another woman to marry and latch on to what she has.

With the age of computers you can find out a lot about a person and protect yourself from the gold diggers of the world. I wish I had known then what I know now but I must say I did learn a lot from a very bad situation. He will always be a user and loser but I am much more protective of myself these days.

Let Them Grow

As parents we want to give our children everything and open all the doors we can for them. We should help our children but when you give them everything and open all the doors how can they feel good about what they accomplish? Children need to struggle and fall because that is what builds character.

When everything is given to them they do not learn the important lessons in life that are required to be productive and healthy adults. Our children need to feel pride within themselves and they need to learn the hard way sometimes regardless of what we may think.

My daughter got a settlement from a vaccine company because she passed out after the injection and literally broke her jaw from her face. She required surgery and had to have her mouth wired shut for over a month and yes she suffered terribly but she ended up with money.

The money is being used to pay for her education so you see with everything bad something good comes out of it. She takes her education seriously but since she is the one paying for it she takes it much more seriously. I’ve done what I could to help her by buying her a car which got totaled so now she is driving the good car while I drive a junker.

She isn’t working right now which is fine and I support her on my meager income but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things have slowed way down for my attorney so he has laid Shelby off until things pick back up. She loves learning about the law and will be a great attorney one day.

She’s already looking at law schools and which one will be a right fit for her and with her grades being straight A’s she will get into any law school she so chooses. My son is taking tests this week for college entrance and we will see where he heads to as he is so smart.

I could give the kids a bit more than I do but it’s very impressive watching them succeed without me. As my son grows and his hormones change so is the state of his bipolar. He seems to be doing really good and I hope he can out grow the illness that has affected our lives.

The kids are growing into fine adults and have learned many valuable lessons that will help them sustain life and when they are on their own they will appreciate what they have learned. I love my kids but I know when to step back and let them take flight without me.