When I finally decided to put my feelings aside for someone and deal with reality I freed myself from their grip. I think very little about him after several weeks of no communication and it feels good. He has played with me for to many years and it’s time for me to be the adult that I am.

He has no intention of ever meeting me and as far as I am concerned that is just fine as it opens me up to let someone in my life that will give me what I need. He acts like an insecure little boy and maybe that has worked for him all these years with other women but it doesn’t fly with me.

The less contact I have with him the better because at this point I am really getting to the point of not interested. He has so many problems that others do not see and he really doesn’t have anyone he can be open with and tell his troubles to and feel secure about opening up.

Im a free woman and it feels good because sooner than later I will be meeting Mr. right for me and I will not think of him at all. You can only wait so long for your soulmate and when they get in their own way it’s time to cut them lose and move on. I have no doubt he will miss me but not enough to ever meet so all I have to say is goodbye, take care and I wish him the best.


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