I belong to a site that I guess is considered a dating site but I kill time by playing games on it. I get a lot of requests to open my private pics folder but I no longer let anyone see those pics. They are considered r/x rated and I just do not feel like sharing those pics any longer.

I’ve had a ton of guys wanting to see the folder and I have had one woman who is bisexual. It doesn’t do anything for me to see nude pics of guys even though some of them (very few) have some really nice bodies. I admire a nice body and no I do not have that firm, tight ass I used to have.

Men are visual and they enjoy looking at women in the raw and I have no doubt that some of them look at the pics to pleasure themselves. I guess that is better than cheating on their mate and it seems quite harmless to me but I will no longer partake in helping them get a nut off.

I have been deleting profiles and most of the sites I don’t bother to even check because I have found the dating sites to be manipulated by the owner of the site. They send fake responses just to get your money and Im not paying any site to meet anyone.

To Funny

I was watching the bachelor bloopers with my daughter and it was so funny listening to Juan Pablo. He was talking about himself and his “little package” lmao. His “little package” was in reference to his daughter and those filming him had to tell him that having a “little package” meant he had a small penis, roflmao.

Of course that was cut out of the show but the look on his face was hilarious. He also says ok when it isn’t appropriate and that pissed of one girl in particular. When the show started I really liked Clare and thought the two of them really clicked but then the real Clare came out.

She is very rude to her competition and she is very possessive which will never work with a latin man. Juan Pablo is very open and upfront and I think he is to upfront for most people. I totally get him and understand where he is coming from and Nicky is a sweet girl but I do not see him and her getting married.