Bad Press

Juan Pablo from the bachelor has gotten quite a bit of bad press as he is now considered the worse bachelor in the history of the show. There are a lot of people who will no longer watch the show because of him. In my opinion that shows how damn ignorant americans can be.

English is not his first language even though he does speak it very well he still hasn’t gotten down the slang which is to be expected. Unfortunately, he said things like he didn’t want his daughter to see him kissing girls yet he’s in the ocean with Clare making out.

I do not think this is fair to him but if he was doing stupid shit like name dropping and mentioning the famous people he knows well then yes in my eyes that is being an asshole. I do not know if he ends up dating Nikki or not but I do know that he didn’t get engaged.

As far as I am concerned that was a smart move because to marry in such a short time with a young daughter is treading dangerous waters. Nikki is sweet but she isn’t for him in  the long run because she doesn’t possess the qualities a man like him requires for a great relationship.


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