I have someone who claims to have a crush on me which I find to be so weird since we haven’t met or have had any kind of verbal conversation, He told me he wanted to come in March to visit but I am not ready to meet him. I think you need to do quite a bit of chatting on the phone as well as skype before you meet someone.

There’s a lot of people who you have to be careful of because this world has become so twisted. I have two kids that have no one but myself so I must be very cautious when meeting anyone. He is asking for my phone number again but I have decided against giving it to him again.

If he wants to chat with me it’s going to have to be on a different platform and I have given him my user name to contact me if he so chooses. I seem to constantly forget my password so I have to wait until tomorrow evening before I can change it again. I guess he will just have to wait until tomorrow if he wants to chat with me.

I have become very leary about adding people to chat with because I just do not want to deal with anymore bullshit and that seems to be all I get lately. Im just tired of the games and lies and Im just fed up with those that try to manipulate me. I have agreed to add him and chat with him but once again I have to be super cautious.


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