When I started school I was living with my grandparents on a farm in the middle of no where. My sister and I were the only white kids in the school and yes it was a difficult adjustment for us. My grandparents and my mother got in a huge fight because my mother would say she was going to visit and never showed up time and time again.

My grandparents wanted to adopt us but my mother wanted the child support but not the kids and we came as a package. My mother ended up taking us away from my grandparents and moved us into town. I started second grade without the knowledge of how to read and my teacher hated me.

She called be dumb and stupid and fought with my mother because she was going to flunk me. The principal gave my mother two weeks to teach me the fundamentals of reading and if I didn’t learn then I would be put back a grade. Well, I was able to learn and by the time I was in fourth grade I was in the top ten spelling bee.

As the years went on I grew to love reading and would always be with a book in tow. I still enjoy reading to this day and I also enjoy writing. When I was in college my comp class we had to write a thesis paper and I ended up with an “A” in the class. My husband never read a damn thing but a paycheck.

I think reading is very important and if you are like  my husband then I have to look further into your personality which I would anyway. People that do not read are missing out on so much and they tend to be ignorant to many things in life. I am not putting anyone down but it says  quite a bit about someone who doesn’t read.


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