Most people get along quite well with their siblings but there are still a few of us that do not communicate at all with them. My brother and I got on great but my sister who is older always hated us. She was always extremely cruel and hateful but she had no problem coming to me when we got older and she had financial difficulties.

She did some horrific things to us as children and that crossed over into adulthood as she had my grandmother over medicated and got her to sign a new trust leaving me out of course. I had a flashback today of us as children and the sexual things she forced me to do as a child.

She has always been twisted but when I remembered that terrible day I was knocked off my feet because I couldn’t believe that memory had resurfaced. She is a cold heartless bitch and she has never been happy even though she got quite a bit of money when my grandmother died.

The things she forced me to do as a child sickens me to the core and I know that she will never be happy because karma follows us no matter where we go. She has always hated me even though I always loved her but the anger towards her has bubbled up from the bowels of hell.

I would so love to win the lotto just so I could rub it in her face and show her that she is the loser not I. She is seduced by money and all the crap you can buy with it. No matter what she buys she will always live in her own personal hell and I have not an ounce of sympathy for her.


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