Lie To Me

I have always had the ability to know when someone was lieing to me but I chose to ignore what my gut told me. I now listen and I know when the truth isn’t being told. It’s just like the guy that claims to be from Pittsburgh when he’s really from Australia. I have known that this guy wasn’t honest for quite sometime and I just let him continue to lie.

He feels that he must chat with me but he was obvious to busy with his latest girlfriend to contact me this weekend. It’s so easy to be online and have the person you are banging sitting next to you. As long as you are just reading it’s so easy to “cheat” on that person and they are none the wiser.

This guy claims to care so much about me but low and behold he sure the hell isn’t showing it. I don’t believe anything he says and that will never change. Someone that really cares about you goes out of their way to show you and of course he sure isn’t doing that.

I get a weird feeling when I’m around evil people as well and it’s like a darkness settles around that person. There are evil people walking among us and yes you have to protect yourself from them. So, go ahead and lie or have evil in your heart because I know it and want you to stay away form me.


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