Love Hate

I think there are quite a few of us that have love/hate relationships in our lives. One minute we just adore the person and the next we can’t stand them. This happens a lot and it seems to happen to those of us that have been married 15-20 yrs. as we just get tired of the person.

When a man retires if he doesn’t have friends or a hobby the wife becomes the hobby. I was my husband’s hobby and he drove me nuts. He would tell me I was always doing something wrong and that included my cooking. He couldn’t even make box mac and cheese right because he didn’t read the instructions.

The love/hate relationship isn’t limited to humans o no this type of relationship crosses over into our pets as well. My cat khloe loves the boys but hates them at the same time. I do not know where she gets this from but it’s so funny to watch her lick than bite the boys and then lick them again and so on.

The thing is eventually the love is totally replaced by anger and hatred and we end up divorced. People grow and change and that is the way life is meant to be so regardless of what anyone may think I think divorce has a place in this world. I think people don’t try hard enough and just want to much to fast and so they take a leap and leave the relationship.


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