They Come

`I have always believed that the departed come back and let us know that they are ok, that they are at peace. My husband was sitting in the living room of my house and one evening he saw my grandmother pass from her bedroom to my daughters. My daughter was like six weeks old if that and my grandmother wanted to see her great grand daughter.

My daughter was five years old when her grandfather came back and visited her. He was sitting in the chair he always sat in and watched her play. She wasn’t afraid and she matter of factly told me that grandpa came to visit her and yes I believed her. The departed come back for numerous reasons, to comfort us, let us know that they are at peace and for a variety of other reasons.

My husband hasn’t visited any of us but that is ok because I already know what he would say to us. I am open to a visit from him and maybe one day that will happen. It hurts so much to lose someone we love, someone who was close to us but life is a process and is finite.


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