Im very fascinated by history and I especially find the history of Germany to be quite interesting. I find the era of Hitler to be so full of information that I am always watching shows on tv about it. I cannot understand how one man could control an entire country the way he did.

I cannot wrap my brain around the gas chambers and Dr. Mengala  experimenting on twins. I know that Hitler wanted to wipe out the jews and everything associated with them such as art. I haven’t been to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. but I would like to take that trip one day.

Hitler fascinates me because of his ability to brainwash the masses and I cannot understand how one person could be so evil. I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was a kid and I have had the interest in Germany ever since. How could one person be so intelligent yet so stupid at the same time?

He was able to convince young women with blonde hair and blue eyes to be basically prostitutes to the Arian men and reproduce like rabbits. The cruelty goes without saying and to treat people as if they had absolutely no value just blows my mind.

The schools in the States do not keep up with history as the Vietnam war is rarely mentioned in the history books. I don’t know if it because it was a political war that the U.S. would like to sweep under the rug as if it never happened. People believe what they want to believe and there are people who do not believe that the Holocaust ever took place.

How can anyone deny that such a horrific thing to place? How can anyone deny gas chambers and maimed people do exist? How can anyone deny the pain and suffering so many experienced? It happened and yes it could happen again if we are not careful.


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