The Choice

Tonights the season finale of the bachelor and I already know that Juan Pablo chooses Nikki. She is a much better choice than Clare because Clare started out with her fake sweet ass game face on but the real her ended up coming out. The way you treat others says volumes about you and Clare, well let’s just say she isn’t so sweet.

Nikki is definitely not for Juan Pablo but it’s not like he had a real choice now is there? Clare is controlling, rude, self centered and quite insecure while on the other hand there is sweet Nikki, to sweet Nikki and she is a push over in many ways which isn’t the type of woman Juan Pablo needs.

He obviously needs a very strong woman who will put him in his place and Andy was a better fit but he blew that. He has a really bad reputation in so many american women’s eyes and there has never been  a bachelor that got so much back lash from their behavior.

Juan Pablo is young and learning and his lack of understanding how to express himself with the american woman has hurt his reputation. I totally get where he is coming from but it sure seems that most do not and they really resent things that he has said out of context.

There are several types of men out there and they either require a very strong woman or a weak on. The men I date require a strong woman and they are not intimidated by me. I give so much of myself but when you think you can cross the line and it’s ok well I will put you back in your place.

I’m not a viscous person and I do not enjoy getting angry but when I am I make it very clear why I am upset. I prefer to discuss than to argue and no I do not need to “win”. “Winning” doesn’t make you a better person or your relationship sound in fact if you always have to “win” then you have actually become the loser.


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