When I was going through a divorce our the majority of our friends decided to choose sides. My husband painted me to be the biggest piece of shit on this earth and “our” friends stood by him. The only friends I only have three friends left that saw the divorce for what it was.

My bf Sue totally gets me and understands me and she doesn’t think I am weird at all because of the things I believe in. Rick and Lynn saw the truth and they knew Bob was lieing about so much. They stood by both of us and didn’t get involved but they always had a ear for me when I needed someone to listen.

My bf Sue is a Scorpio as I am and that is one reason why she understands me so well. She has always listened and given me the best advice and I am so grateful for her. People feel as if they have to choose side which they do not and in the end you no longer want their friendship because you or I guess I should say I can no longer trust in them.

It’s sad the way things end up when you get divorced because you have such great times and memories with your friends. It hurt me so much when my friends chose to support Bob and not me as well but I found out who was really my friend and who wasn’t.


I lived in a previous life and I was an attorney, the life I lived was during the Robin Hood days and I know you think I am full of it. I have never studied law but I have dealt with the law quite a bit and I know so much about the law that I have actually been able to aid in my own defense.

My attorney asked me if I had ever studied law because I knew things that you would have had to have learned in school. My attorney and I get along like peanut butter and jelly and we talk about his cases all the time. I wish I had gone to school to be a lawyer but wishing will never make it so.

It’s been quite helpful living in a previous life for me because it has helped me in my daily life today. I also know that someone who I communicate with was in a previous life with me. He and I were crazy about each other and quite happy but I was murdered and had to leave him to himself.

He probably would think I am totally off my rocker but the truth is we were together once and we need to be together and will be together in this life. We have so much to give each other and we know in our heart of hearts that we belong together because it is written.


Deja vu

Have you ever felt as if you have met someone before? Have you ever been to a place and felt that you had been there before as well? This is how I feel so many times and it isn’t a coincidence, no this is deja vu which is a sign that you lived a previous life. Sometimes, we have someone come into our lives and we swear that we had a relationship of some kind with them before.

This is the reuniting of two people who were in each others life in a different life. Did you ever know things and not know why? This is all a revisit from another time when we existed. We also have this happen when we just know someone is our soulmate because in fact they are.

When you just know that someone is to be in your life you can bet that they belong beside you to continue your life’s journey with them. People do not believe in karma, soulmates and the after life but I do because I know these things happen. When you find yourself drawn to someone and you find that you have so much in common or that they mirror you then that person has re-entered your life for a specific reason.

You have to let go of your fears and worries and come together with them because they are a huge part of your life and your personal growth. The more you deny your feelings and the connection the more you will become quite unhappy because they are the piece in your that is missing which can make you one and whole.