If someone is really interested in you they take the time to talk to you daily if it’s only for a minute. Those that contact several times a week are not really interested in you enough to make room in their life for you. It’s as if they are bored and you are their part time filler.

I have found that men that chat with me several times a week are either married or have a girlfriend off in the wings and they just want some sort of “excitement” in their lives. I have someone who has been contacting several times a week and he told me he would call the next day and didn’t.

Do you think he would have apologized immediately? Nope, in fact I didn’t hear from him for days  and of course I never hear from him on the weekends. Red flags, huge red flags in fact so many red flags that the united nations couldn’t compete with. I have dated a married man and I know what it is like to sit and wait , be stood up, lied to and so on. 

I’m nobody’s fool and I refuse to sit and wait for anyone ever again. Men think they can get away with cheating but if you refuse to live in denial you can see right thru them. I finally have cut the “fish” loose and he can go on his merry way playing someone else because I am nobody’s fool.


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