Everyone expects to be treated a certain way by others and I am no exception. I do not care if you are a gas station attendant or a multi millionaire you will treat me with the respect that is due to me. I expect you to call me when you say you will or chat with me and I expect you to pick me up for a date at the time you say you will arrive.

If there is some reason that keeps you from contacting then you damn well better get in touch with me asap and explain yourself. The biggest mistake a man can make is to keep me waiting because I will not wait very long I can tell you. My friends know that if they are going to be late to call  me and they do.

When my friends treat me better than a man well then he has got to go because respect is important and if someone isn’t respectful enough to be on time or to contact you then they will always treat you less than you expect or deserve. I may sound like a bitch but the way you let others treat you says a lot about how you treat yourself.’

As for Zack he says he has time for me which he obviously doesn’t or he is married or has a girlfriend and I don’t play that way. I refuse to be second or third on anyone’s list and I refuse to wait around for them to find time to fit me into their lives. If they were really interested then they would treat me with the respect that I deserve and he sure hasn’t.


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