Block That Fish

I have been occasionally chatting with someone who contacted me on a dating site. Red flags have been flying high for a while as he wanted to come visit me in March and we hadn’t hardly chatted at all. I just do not feel comfortable with someone who wants to jump into a relationship with me but doesn’t know shit about me.

I have children to think about and there are so many twisted people online that I have to protect myself as well as my children. I decided to delete him from my chat and delete him from the dating site as well. When something doesn’t feel right it isn’t and I refuse to be ignorant again and not listen to my gut.

He has made no request to chat while viewing me and that alone is a sign that one cannot ignore. You really do not know who you are chatting with or what they tell you is true or not so you have to be very protective of yourself. I was quite naive when I started going online dating sites and I let myself fall head over heels for a scammer.

Back then I didn’t know you could find out so much information online about someone or that you could find out if their picture was real or not for the most part. I got scammed out of a lot of money because of my own insecurities and being so needy at that time but no longer am I that woman.

I am just going to give up on online dating because it hasn’t proven to work out for me as I get hit up by a  lot of scammers and flat our liars. I plan on deleting my account as soon as I save my pictures and my private folder hasn’t been open to anyone in quite some time.

I am just going to focus on packing and moving and looking for a new house and I have totally given up on the dating scene. I can no longer be played but that is because of how badly I allowed myself to get burned. It has opened my eyes quite wide and no one will ever scam me again.


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