The Book Thief

I enjoy reading a book, yes a book in my hands not online. I just finished The Book Thief and then I watched the movie which of course is never as good as the book. It was about a young girl that watches her brother pass away in his mother’s arms as they are headed to a family that adopts the little girl because her mother can no longer care for her.

The family isn’t wealthy but they take in the little girl during the Holocaust. The little girl was made fun of because she could not read and her mother is doing the laundry of the mayor. The wife has an empty heart because her son had died and he loved books. 

She lets the little girl read the books and the husband sees this and fires the little girl because he didn’t think she had a right to look at the books. The girl ends up sneaking into the study and she steals a book, reads it then she returns it. The ending is very sad as bombing ends up killing her adopted family as well as her best friend.

There is much more to the story but I covered most of the important aspects except the family hides the son of jewish friends and she and him become friends. I so could relate to this little girl because at one time I could not read and was made fun of and then I fell in love with reading.

Reading is so important to me because it takes me to another place, another time and I can actually feel what the author is trying to pass on to the reader. I cried when I watched the end of the movie because it hit home for me and it was so sad. I have quite a bit of empathy which has gotten me into trouble because I gave to much to the wrong people.

I am so much wiser and have learned from my mistakes but I am and always will have a certain amount of empathy for others because it’s part of my makeup. I have learned that I have to put myself and my children first and cannot help everyone with a sad story even though I wish I could.


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