The Catch

I really enjoy fishing because it is relaxing and then there is the thrill of the catch. One minute you are sitting there becoming one with nature and then you feel the tug at the other end of your line. You feel nibbling once, twice and several more times and when you tug on your line you can feel the weight of the fish.

I haven’t fished in quite a few years and I miss it so much because it gives me the feel of tranquility. I get so relaxed when fishing and I really like the challenge of catching something on the other end. I do not have a boat but if I did I would be down the street and on lake Erie.

I know how to fillet a fish and I really like eating walleye because it doesn’t have a fishy taste. The best part is the cheeks but most people have never eaten walleye cheeks. Saute those little things in butter and you have some really great eating going on. When I have fished it was always with a guy and I just have a great knack at catching fish.

I have pissed off several guys by catching more fish than they did and they took so personal which is stupid. I do not fish to see if I can catch more, I fish for myself and how I feel when I am on the water but some people take it as a personal assault on their ability, how stupid is that?


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