I just do not understand why people cannot step up and be honest and truthful. I get tired of listening to those that lie and I know they are lieing. People are fearful of telling the truth because they fear the consequences which are never as bad as the lie as far as I am concerned.

Lieing to others as well as ourselves can be damaging to our lives and so many people chose to lie because they are so fearful of the results. When two people can be honest with each other they have a much stronger relationship because they are actually communicating in a positive manner, hopefully.

I know when people are lieing to me most of the time and it really upsets me because I do not see anything good to come from it. I refuse to have a relationship with someone who choses to lie to me because they have nothing good to gain from it and it is so insulting to me.

If you cannot be honest with me from the beginning then you will never be totally honest with me. I think lieing is so immature and it’s like dealing with little children. All I can say is be honest and you will save yourself a lot of pain later on because one lie requires other lies to cover up the first lie.


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