Through The Eyes

As children we see the world in colors of greens, blues, yellows and red but that all changes as we are taught by adults to see  greys,  blacks and shades of ugly and hatred. As far back as slavery man has had great hatred in his heart and has treated men of color and religion as if they were less than human.

What has made us this way? What has made man beat and dehumanize other men? What has made man so heartless that he chose to burn others as if they were rubbish? What  has one man thinking he is better than another? What on this earth could make man so filled with hatred and envy?

Why have children not been able to see the beauty in the world without man changing it into such darkness? I do not know what I am doing here because this is not my world. I am not of this world and the darkness so many possess in their hearts and I am saddened by such behavior.

“The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”  made me realize that the ugly heart of man started long ago. No man is better than another but so many think they are so they treat others poorly. We cry at the death of friends and loved ones yet we have stood by and watched terrible treatment to men that are not considered desirable.

I have always wanted to work for or start a non-profit to help people but I have not the funds to do such work. I am not where I am supposed to be as I know I have been displaced for some unknown reason. I should be doing work that helps and provides for others but that is not to be as of yet.



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