Finishing Touches

Big Rick was kind enough to take me to Home Depot so I could get the things needed to finish up making repairs around the house. A new bathroom ceiling of drywall, change a light fixture, replace the glass door on the closet, little things like that. I went yesterday and got some boxes from Krogers and I have started to pack up items that I will not need to use for quite some time.

My friend Ron from high school is going to come over and make the repairs that I cannot because of the lack of mobility in my arm. I cannot use a drill because it is to heavy for me to raise over my head so he will be doing a few repairs for me. It is so hard having to rely on someone else because I want the things done now but have to wait for his schedule.

I really hate having to ask someone else for help but I have no choice at this point. I have asked my son to help me and he has with certain things but others he just makes excuses. I do not want to anger him to the point that he might possibly hurt me again so I just let it go.

Most would tell me I am taking the easy way out with him but until someone has physically hurt you then you have no idea what fear lives inside. My back has two herniated discs from helping my husband when he lost his leg and my shoulder got tore up from an altercation with my son.

I still and always will love my son but he makes me so mad at times I just want to spit nails. He is going to learn the hard way that you cannot treat people poorly and he really treats me like shit quite a bit of the time. One day he is going to realize that his mother is all he has and he will regret treating the way he does.


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