Starting Out

It is starting out to be a good day as my son got out of school at 9 a.m. because of finals. I took him for a haircut yesterday and when I picked him up from school he told me he got quite a few compliments on his cut. I have  open communication with my kids and he said to me he needed a life jacket and I asked him what for and he said “because I be a drowning in all that pussy”, lmao.

He can be so funny and he has such a dry sense of humor which makes what he says even funnier. He wanted to do online school but when things didn’t go his way to enter online school he decided it is best to go to public school. He needs to be in public because he needs to socialize.

I really enjoy being with him when he is in a good mood and feels good about himself because we do get along so well. When he is in a bad mood well then spending time with him isn’t so fun. I wish he would get a girlfriend because that would really help him grow and mature.

Boys will always be  boys but my son  has to fight bipolar on top of puberty, wow what a not so good combination. I think as he gets older he will achieve what ever he so chooses and I do believe he will live a very happy life in time. He has had it tough because his dad never spent much time with him or did anything with him that men and their boys do. 

Losing his dad has had a major impact on his life but he doesn’t seem to miss his dad that much. When you do not spend time with your children it has an adverse effect on them. One day he will find his nitch in life I think he will be quite proud of himself.


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