Moving On

I am so glad I have deleted most of my profiles from the dating sites and the ones I have missed don’t matter anyway. Zack just drove home what assholes are out there and I am sick to death of all the bullshit. I have bigger fish to fry and I started in the study today.

I tried to get a new sliding glass door up on the closet but since my shoulder is still messed up I didn’t accomplish it. I dove into the study and started packing up junk in there and I do not have enough garbage cans for all the junk I am throwing out.

I ran across an advertisement for prosthetics and my husband was used to promote the company. I looked at his picture and the determination on his face was so telling. I hate looking at his picture because all I see is his last days in bed.

 I am ready to move on and get involved with someone but it will happen when it is suppose to and not a minute sooner. Zack is definitely not for me and I do not care if we ever speak again because he crossed the immature line of using “my meds” as a dig.

I just want to be accepted for myself without dealing with the immature bullshit but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Then I have mar who is another piece of work who plays games and I don’t care to chat with him either. He contacted me yesterday and I felt that I had to respond so all I said was gm-good morning.

Men can be such pain in the asses and they act like little boys more often than not. Just because you have a dick and balls do not make you a man but they sure seem to think so. I am finding most of them have a scrotum but wear their balls hanging from their ears.

To Learn

I unblocked Zack last night and chatted with him and of course he wanted my number and wanted to tell me the truth about himself. I didn’t give him my number because I have absolutely no trust in him what so ever. I did a search on his email and it showed a site that he claimed to be from Australia.

When I told him that he said I was nuts and that my meds must be really messing with my mind. First of all I never said shit to him about taking meds for anything. He isn’t honest and I just will not deal with a liar because it is so stupid to lie.

I have no interest in meeting him and I really dont give a shit what he does or who he really is. When you assume someone is ill because they do not believe you then you are an asshole. I dont care what anyone thinks of me especially on the web so all he did was piss me of mildly at best.