When I was around nine years old I started getting migraine headaches so bad that I had to go to the hospital several times. Migraine headaches can take you down so quickly as the pain is debilitating and leaves one throwing up and light and sound must be eliminated.

My son suffers from migraines and he has had them since he was five years old. He cannot stand light, sound and he ends up throwing up and when he finally falls asleep he sleeps for up to a day and one half. Every time he gets a headache that severe I pull out the “mommy gift”.

I have a way of getting him to relax to the point that he finally falls a sleep. I lie behind him and put one hand on his forehead and rub his head with the other hand. This is the only way to relax him enough to doze off and I make sure he takes some aspirin as well.

I cannot stand to see anyone in pain and since I know what a migraine feels like I do everything possible to relieve my son’s. He has missed school because of the headaches and they cannot flunk him for attendance because it is a medical condition.

When our children get sick it affects us because we love our children so much or at least most parents do. I just wish they had medication for children my son’s age but they do not have anything safe at this time. They will come up with something someday and I hope it’s sooner than later.


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