Spent the day packing and throwing out more junk and waiting for the weather to break to get into the garage. I need to move boxes from the basement into the garage but need to clean the garage first. My son needs to quit taking light switches apart and other things because he is costing me more money.

He destroyed my head phones and tried to tell me they just deteriorated because of use, what bullshit!  My daughter takes my make up and my son takes my electronics and technology and destroys them. He took apart my mac laptop and destroyed it and I am so sick of this shit.

He destroyed his light switch to fix the bathroom light switch, how stupid was that? I ended up having to replace his switch at $23.00 a switch that is expensive. Kids do not learn until they are older how much things cost and they do not care either.

My daughter wants to go to the Eminem concert but the tickets are like two hundred dollars. She expects me to pay for her auto insurance, health insurance, cellphone bill and new glasses while she spends her money on a concert ticket.

I told her I wasn’t going to keep paying for all of this shit while she goes out and has a good time. It’s like her getting pregnant and expecting me to watch her kid while she goes out on the town, never gonna happen. I cant wait for my kids to get old enough to support themselves and see that shit is expensive!


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