Temper Temper

I bought a new modem today and to activate it I had to call my service provider who uses people in India or Pakistan or some other country. They do not speak fluent English and  I get so pissed when trying to talk to them. I had to call four times to finally get my equipment to work and then I find out that I can no longer have my home phone because my service provider is the only one that provides equipment needed for a home phone. I do not need a home phone because I never get calls anyway.

It works out to my favor anyway because they were charging me $30.00 a month for a phone I rarely use so I just dumped it and will only be using my cellphone from now on. I get so damn mad when I have to deal with people not from the states because I cannot understand them half the time and they do try their best but I am sorry their best is not good enough. I shouldn’t get so upset but damn I live in the states and speak english and expect those that I pay to provide me with english speaking help.

I think it is bullshit to be asked by a damn computer to press 1 or 2 if I speak english because spanish speaking people tend to get first priority. If I wanted to speak another language I damn well would learn but the people I deal with can hardly speak our given language. Between the potholes that will suck you up and those that cannot speak english I get so damn mad I could spit nails. I do not know what is happening to the states as illegal aliens seem to have more benefits than those that are legal or born here.

I just want to tell those people to go suck a dick but that wouldn’t be nice now would it? I can be very nasty when I lose my temper so I try not to get mad because all it does it affect me and stress is such a killer. So many are dieing from the widow maker blockage in their hearts and I do not plan on being one of them. I need a vacation so bad and this weather so sucks as it snowed today but didn’t stick and March should not be so cold that it snows. I hate this damn cold weather and it probably will snow in April as well, fuck!


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