So Close

There are times that we are so close yet so far from our goal or the person we so wish to be with and we just cannot let ourselves pass that invisible line. It’s as if we would drown if we step past that barrier that keeps us from moving in the direction we so wish we could let ourselves. We build up fears that do not exist and we shy away from what we need the most or wish we had and we do this because we are so damn afraid of what could happen. There is that one special person that is waiting for us and almost everyone has a special person.

If you are happy with your life as it is then you wouldn’t want more out of your life now would you? You wouldn’t feel that your needs are not being met and you wouldn’t keep searching for that one special person. Some people find their special person but are to afraid to make a move in their direction and they sit back and fantasize about what could be or should be. While you sit back and live in  a dream state that special person is looking for fulfillment in their lives and no they will not wait forever.

They will move on and they will end up settling for less than they deserve because one can only be lonely for only so long. You may be one of those guys that bang as many women as you can to validate that you are desirable but the truth is they didn’t bang you for any other reason than to get what they wanted out of you. Most women use men and men use women in return but there are a few of us out there that value ourselves and do not sell ourselves to the first bidder.

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