It is so easy to tell when two people have a connection as their body language speaks volumes. When you are with someone and they are always touching you, leaning into you as the two of you talk and always looking into your eyes then there is a connection that that person feels towards you. When there is no connection you can instantly feel the coldness between you and the other person and there is no touching or leaning into you as the two of you talk. When the date is going really good it ends up with a kiss.

The kiss tells you everything you need to know about that person and their desire or lack of desire to spend more time with you. When you kiss someone you should feel the connection long before your lips meet for the first time and you should feel an attraction that draws you into that person. A kiss should come on slowly and you should be able to see the desire in their eyes and then you should feel that kiss all the way to your toes if the connection is a strong one.

It has been quite some time since I have kissed someone and of course I miss it but just because I miss it doesn’t mean I am going to run out and find someone to make out with. I feel the same way about sex as I miss it so much but refuse to jump into bed with someone just for the sake of getting a nut off. I think the worse feeling in the world is having sex with someone and they fuck you and get up and have some excuse to leave, now that isn’t a feeling I ever want to feel and I never will either.


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