The sun is shining so brightly today and the boys as well as Khloe are basking in the sun. When it is sunny I feel so much better as do most people in Michigan because so many do suffer from seasonal affect disorder. I really hate the winter weather and the cold and I am looking at possibly relocating to California in another year or so. The kids will be old enough to take care of themselves without me there leading the way and I think Ryan will be ok on his own as his sister will have to share the house with him.

He doesn’t realize that there is no maid service and Shelby will not clean up after him so he will have to learn the hard way to take care of himself. He is more than capable but he has taken advantage of his sister as well as myself but that will all come tumbling down around him. Boys are used to have their mothers and sisters there to take care of them and I think they come to rely on them because they have always been there for them. My son knows how to cook and clean as well as do his own laundry so he will be able to survive without me.

I do not need much to survive and to thrive, a small place to live is about all I really need because I have chosen to live a simple life because I do not like the burden of a big house and all the work that goes with it. I may end up just buying a mobile home who knows where I will be in a year but I do know I am so ready to relocate to a warmer climate. I have thought about moving to Georgia or Florida but now I am thinking going west because of the good year around weather.

It will be interesting driving cross country taking my time and soaking in the sites as I have never really spent much time out west. The boys and I will have quite an exciting time and maybe I can find someone interested in traveling with me. I just have to be so careful because I was once such a trusting soul but have learned you can not trust anyone in this world as everyone has an agenda and people are so me me me oriented these days. It would be nice to meet someone with the same values and morals as myself but I will not hold my breath waiting to meet that person.

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