When You Know

There are times when you just know something or you have felt that you have experienced something before and this also goes for knowing when someone belongs in your life and you just know that you belong with that person. People can deny the truth but the truth is that certain people do belong together and they do end up together in time no matter how hard they may try to ignore these feelings they come to pass. You can try to hide from what is going to pass but you will never succeed.

Two people can live across the country from each other but one day they will come together and one of the couple will relocate to be with their partner. These two people come together because it is fate that they meet and it is meant to  be no matter how much they may deny their feelings, their feelings will always  come out on top. When two people are spiritual beings they will explode like fireworks when they finally do meet because there will be so much emotion between the two.

When these two come together the love is like nothing they have ever felt or ever thought could exist because it is so unique and different from anything they have ever felt. People try to deny such emotion can exist and they will try to hide from it but they will always fail because they want that emotion and they want the depth of such a relationship. When you open your heart and begin to trust yourself then and only then will you have such a relationship in your life.


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