Badge Of Sorrows

All of us have had at least one very bad thing happen to us personally and that one experience has touched us in a way that left us with an ever lasting effect on our lives. I have been one of those people who have experienced more than my share of life experiences that touched me to my core and those experiences have left a mark on me. I have learned so much from these experiences and they gave shaped how I look at life today and how I treat others but I also have learned to be s much more protective of myself.

We can wear our sorrows like a badge or we can try to learn from them and move on with our lives and that is what I have tried to do. It isn’t easy letting go but eventually you are able to put the bad behind you and move onto greener pastures. Sometimes, it isn’t that easy to let go as the very roof over our head is the very thing that holds us back as it keeps the memories hanging just above our heads. I cannot wait to sell our home and leave the memories at the doorstep.

I can feel changes coming about within myself and I can feel happier days headed my way and I so look forward to moving on and letting go of the painful experiences that have colored my world. I look forward to laughing and smiling again and I look forward to sharing my life with that special person. My life is evolving and things are so getting better and it is about time as I have suffered quite a bit over the last several years but that is all coming to an end, finally.