Today is a grey day as it has rained all day and the sky has stayed grey blocking the sun and that has kept my mood a constant blah all day. I hate this type of weather as it is so depressing and I have no desire to do a damn thing. I have n desire to visit anyone or to have visitors and even Bingo one of our cats wants nothing more than to sleep on the pillow in the couch.

I have no idea why anyone would be interested in my boring life as nothng is exciting or worth reading but I do know one thing, in six months I will be a totally different person and those that know me today will not recognize the person I have become. I plan on being moved within six months and my son will be a senior in high school and my daughter will be a sophmore in college.

I noticed on my  facebook feed that “he” just had to place another pic of himself on his facebook and I just happened to notice it today as I do not stalk him or really give a shit about his life as he is so into himself and he does think he is all that. He used to be an average person but then he became extremely famous and wealthy and that turned him into a jerk, an asshole and a fool.

He is a creeper, a stalker and someone who lost himself along the way and he tries so hard to find himself but he never will as he is caught up in the wrong crowd. He gets off on reading about my empty life and I guess it makes him feel good to read about the adversities in my life. He isn’t man enough to meet me and he is scared to death that I would be one of the very few people who would tell him to go fuck himself.

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