My friends tell me some really weird shit and my one friend has had the strangest experiences in the dating scene. She hasn’t learned yet that boning someone on the first date gets you absolutely nothing including respect. She has been left paying the bill because he “forgot” his wallet, she has had strange sexual toys introduced to her body, lol and she scared the shit out of me with her latest experience. She went out to dinner with this guy and then back to his apartment and they watched a movie.

During the movie they started fooling around and this guy started telling her what he would like to do to her and it was beyond kinky, it was down right fucked up and he asked her if she wanted to watch a porno with him and she said sure. Now there is porno and then there are snuff flicks and no the two shall never meet as they are not on the same level of perversion. After watching the movie for a while she told him to turn it off and to take her home but he wasn’t so cooperative and she ended up calling a cab.

Porno is one thing but when you are into snuff flicks that is just sick and twisted and to turn someone on to such a flick the first time dating them tells a hell of a lot about you. He ended up calling my friend the following week and said he was sorry and asked her out again. She refused to go out with him again and I do not blame her because she may have been victim to a snuff flick with her in the starring roll. Snuff flicks are made by some very sick people and I do believe they are illegal and I am just glad my friend is safe and away from that freak.

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