How Much

How much shit can one person take? I am so fucking sick of asking for help from my kids especially my son and I get completely blown off as if I do not exist. My daughter tends to help me quite a bit but even she gets tired of helping when her brother refuses to. I have been trying to get my son to practice his driving and parking and he asked me what I thought of his driving today.

He hasn’t driven in months and he drove today and asked me what I thought of his driving and I told him he needed practice. He got pissed and instead of practicing parking he drove home and  pulled in the driveway instead of into the garage. He gets a fucking attitude and he becomes really shitty acting and he gets this fucking attitude that so pisses me off. I have asked for his help with the basement ceiling but of course I cannot get him to help me with that either.

I am going to have to pay someone to finish the damn ceiling because I cannot lift my arm over my head as of yet. I want to list this house for sale but I need to get the ceiling finished first. Next week I will have someone come out and finish it up and I will finish straightening the basement up so it can be shown to prospective buyers. I do not know what these kids are going to do when I am gone but I do know that is when they will appreciate me, when I am gone.

I have only one life to live and I will be damned if I will live it for my kids because I will not and I am sick of being treated like shit. Once again my husband has fucked me by leaving me with ungrateful kids that need to rely on their parent to get them through life. Once again I am left with the responsibility of smart mouth selfish fucking kids because my husband refused to support me on the discipline front. Fuck this shit!

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