Against My Rule

I listed my house even though I do have a rule of “sleeping on it” before I make a final decision. The realtor is getting my listing for 90 days at 5 % commission and she has agreed to list it for my asking price. I have a year and 1/2 before I have to be out of here so that gives me plenty of time to sell and I am not desperate so I do not have to take a low ball offer. I have gotten rid of all the clutter and the house appears to be clean and quite open.

I hope I can sell quickly but even if I can’t I am ok with that but I do want to get out of here because I really do not like my neighbors and they are such nosey fucks. The same ones that called the cops on me for my dogs are letting their dogs out and shitting all over my lawn. I havent said anything but I am getting sick of their bullshit and I just want to live a quiet life without nosey neighbors.

I am a very private person and I do not get into anyone’s business and do not expect y neighbors to get into my business but they have no life and that is what people do when they retire, they get into others business and they gossip to much. They need to get laid but even sex isn’t available between my neighbors as they prefer to get wrapped up in church and the men golf, I guess thats the only way they get their balls played with, lol.

Its Time

`Tomorrow I am calling several realtors and getting a price  to sell this house, I will not sign with any of them because it is always best to sleep on a decision before you make it. Realtors try to get a six month commitment out of you and they want a 6% percent commission as well. Well, I will give them no more than sixty days and a 5% percent commission so they can take it or leave it.

All the money I have left is wrapped up in this house and I have a small mortgage that has to be paid off and I have to buy another house. I need to have some money left over so I can find another home in a warmer climate. I refuse to stay in Michigan full time once my son graduates from high school and I will not have much money to work with so  I may end up living in a mobile home park in California.

I hate the weather here and I just want to be free to move as I so wish throughout this world. I wont have enough money left over to buy a decent house elsewhere so I have to be very frugal with the money I do get from the sale of this house. By the time I am ready to leave Michigan my daughter will be a Junior in college and then she will have law school to get through so she will need a home until she becomes an attorney.

My son says he wants to be a teacher and he will go to a local college to get his associates and then he will go onto Eastern University to get his bachelors degree in teaching. That is the game plan anyway but with his Michigan who knows what direction he will go in. I am so tired of being alone and being treated like shit and being taken for granted but isn’t that what happens to parents?

I think most kids expect their parents to be there for them forever and they assume that their parents will always provide for them and in most cases that is what happens but I am alone and it is difficult for me to provide for myself as well as the kids. I have had the opportunity to change my financial standing for the better but I want happiness first and foremost and I refuse to sell myself for a nicer lifestyle without love.