Let Me

I so miss taking care of a man and feeling needed and I know that it sounds crazy but that is the way I am. I really enjoy taking care of a man and being his cheering section. Men need to be needed and they enjoy having a partner that supports them and their goals in life.  I also enjoy feeding a man and knowing that he enjoys what I have cooked for him makes me feel good about myself.

I need to be needed and I need to be part of a relationship to thrive and to grow and to be happy but it isnt so easy to find my better half. I know who my better half is but he doesn’t seem to want to be with me and I can do nothing about that. He is no doubt in a relationship with someone else but that will not last because it isn’t suppose to and we are meant to be together but he has to make that happen.

When he finally realizes that I am that one he is to be with then and only then will we be together. You cannot run and hide from your soul mate no matter how hard you try because what is to be will be. He has got to quit running from his fears and accept what is to be but for some reason he refuses to open himself up to fate and to the future. It’s a shame that so much time has been wasted but maybe it’s that time that has made us the people we need to be.



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