There is never anything of interest on tv other than jeopardy. My  daughter and I watch it and like fools we throw out the stupidest answers and sometimes we are right, lol. I like shows that teach me something like documentaries or jeopardy and I feel so accomplished when my answers are right. I actually left the house today as I had a dr. appt. and had to sign the final papers to get the house on the market and I had to stop by my attorneys office.

I have such a great relationship with my attorney and he reminded me that I didn’t remember him this valentines day. Last year I got him chocolate covered fortune cookies and he really enjoyed them. I like to give gifts to people I like because everyone should feel special and the smallest of gifts can make someone feel so special. When I am in a relationship I am always buying little presents and doing little things that mean a lot to the one of my affection.

My life is changing for the better and by the end of the year I will be a completely different person as I will be free of the burden of this house and once again I will be debt free. I really hate owing anyone but that will all come to and end now that I have reached the point of being ready to dump this house. It will be nice to wake up in a different house without the memories haunting me or making me sad.

I went to the college today and got information as I plan on going back to school in the fall because I am just plain bored to death and need some mental stimulation. I am feeling better about myself and my standing in life and I look forward to the new chapter in my life. Ones life will never change unless that person takes a step to make the changes desired and I desire change and I am moving in that direction.