Dogs And Plants

If I have learned nothing in life I have learned that if a person does not have a dog or a plant then they are not fit for a relationship. Dogs and plants require care and to be taken care of and if you are to busy to care for a dog or a plant then you will never take care of me. The man who I am interested has dated many women and he can basically have anyone his heart desires because he is smooth like peanut butter.

He knows all the right things to say to get a girl to drop her panties and he has eaten at all of the best restaurants and he has spent time with everyone including the pope. He wears only the best clothing and sleeps on the best sheets and he no doubt even jacks off so much he can switch hands several times and gain numerous strokes. Unfortunately for him he has been used a lot and he has had so much smoke blown up his ass when he opens his mouth out comes smoke rings.

He is very intelligent but cannot find the woman of his dreams because she is one that is so damn special that she hides from the world. She is a reader, she is intelligent yet funny she is not like other women who will kiss his ass and tell him all the lies men want to hear. She is the woman who can cook a great meal and give great sex yet she can seduce his mind and make him desire her constantly.

The type of woman that he wants is within his grasp but he is to damn afraid to meet her and have her pull the rug out from under his game. That woman will not play the games that most women do and she doesn’t want his gifts and bullshit. He has no idea what love really is and he floats from day to day without being really happy – he needs love to make his world complete but to open up to a woman and let her in is like catching a sexually transmitted disease to him and tg

Sorry Just Won’t Do

I had a best friend for many years as we went to school together and then hung out and eventually she moved in with me and we shared my apartment. Her dad was an alcoholic and she had a tendency to like her beer just a bit to much for my taste. When we lived together she was always late with her rent because she preferred to invest into the bar scene and drinking. I finally had to tell her she had to move and that put more than just a ripple in the friendship for quite a while.

She met her husband while living with me as he had apartment above ours and they hooked up and eventually got married. He ended up getting throat cancer at a very early age like 25 and at that time they had two little girls that were really little like 2 and 4 yrs of age. My friend Becky started to fuck her husbands best friend because her husband was just to sick for so long to have sex.

I never said anything to her but I never agreed with what she was doing and then her husband passed. She and her husband’s best friend had built a relationship  before her husband had died and they eventually married. He moved in with Becky before they got married and Becky would go out all night and stay at a girlfriends because she was to drunk to drive. I frowned upon her behavior and didn’t didn’t didn’t that was right so when I told her what I thought that ended the friendship.

I believe a real friend will always tell you the truth no matter how hard it is to swallow and if the friendship ends well then there was never any real friendship to  begin with. I spoke with “edge” becky’s husband on facebook today and he wanted to know if I wanted him to feel her out about mending the fence. Don’t know how I really feel about mending fences because Becky was always about Becky and I did call her about six years ago and our conversation was mostly about how great her kids were.

She felt it necessary to exalt her kids as if I had thought they were losers or something. I never thought ill of either one of her girls because I knew their dad and he was no mental light weight and a hell of a nice guy. It’s a shame that “sorry” can’t be enough but she hurt my feelings as much as I hurt hers but I have no doubt she will never see it that way. People have their place in others lives and sometimes parting of the ways is for the best.


Life is a series of changes and we can either fight those changes or embrace them and I for one and doing quite a bit of embracing. I have finally listed my house for sale and I have my first showing this afternoon which my daughter finds to be so exciting. She is so looking forward to moving because the memories are painful and she is ready for a change in her life and as she grows into a woman change is what her life is all about.

We only make changes when they are forced upon us or the change is something we really want but few of us make changes because we need to. We get stuck in one place like a wheel in a deep pothole and we need help getting back on track and moving in the right direction. I hope the house really quickly or not for several months because I will be having surgery in another month and I wont be able to help with the move.

I have set the price of the house $50,000 above the appraisal price but I cannot afford to sell for less as the money from this house is all that I will have to purchase another home and to live on the rest of my life. I am not the type of woman who looks toward a man to support me because I learned long ago to depend on no one but myself. I would so love to have someone to depend on but that has yet to happen and I wont hold my breath.

It’s time for change in my life and I do not fear it as I once did and I know if I want to be happy that I have to let go of what holds be back and embrace my future. I am not looking for a perfect person or perfect relationship because perfect is so unrealistic and who wants perfect anyway? I just want to grow with someone else and enjoy life with that person and I want to grow together with that special one.