Dogs And Plants

If I have learned nothing in life I have learned that if a person does not have a dog or a plant then they are not fit for a relationship. Dogs and plants require care and to be taken care of and if you are to busy to care for a dog or a plant then you will never take care of me. The man who I am interested has dated many women and he can basically have anyone his heart desires because he is smooth like peanut butter.

He knows all the right things to say to get a girl to drop her panties and he has eaten at all of the best restaurants and he has spent time with everyone including the pope. He wears only the best clothing and sleeps on the best sheets and he no doubt even jacks off so much he can switch hands several times and gain numerous strokes. Unfortunately for him he has been used a lot and he has had so much smoke blown up his ass when he opens his mouth out comes smoke rings.

He is very intelligent but cannot find the woman of his dreams because she is one that is so damn special that she hides from the world. She is a reader, she is intelligent yet funny she is not like other women who will kiss his ass and tell him all the lies men want to hear. She is the woman who can cook a great meal and give great sex yet she can seduce his mind and make him desire her constantly.

The type of woman that he wants is within his grasp but he is to damn afraid to meet her and have her pull the rug out from under his game. That woman will not play the games that most women do and she doesn’t want his gifts and bullshit. He has no idea what love really is and he floats from day to day without being really happy – he needs love to make his world complete but to open up to a woman and let her in is like catching a sexually transmitted disease to him and tg


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