A Name

I dont know about you but our pets have several different names and we name them on their behaviors or a name or two that just seems to fit them.  Just like Khloe my daughter started calling her Gretchen because Gretchen is one of those rich bitches from Orange County and the name just sux lol. Poor Khloe is now known as Gretchen or Khloe Gretchen then we have Gabriel and Michael  and I refer to them as Gabe and Abe or Ike and Mike, lol.

I love my pets to death and so does my daughter and they are never wanting for love or attention. Last but not least is Bingo our cat that my husband brought home from work twenty years ago and we call him Bingo or Bingy and it is so funny when he comes downstairs as it sounds like he is dragging his ass from step to step. He is such an old cat his fur is coming out and it feels so dirty all the time and I am thinking he has cancer or some bad disease and he wont be with us much longer.

Gabe looks like “Mothra” from an old Japanese kids movie that had Godzilla in the flick, my daughter tells me not to call him mothra because he doesnt look like mothra but I think he looks like a mothra larva, lmao. I dont know what I would do without my pets because they make me laugh constantly and they are so full of love and affection and if you are my pet you  can damn well bet you are being treated like a king, so you wanna feel like a king?


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