Not My

I have always been a very hard worker and I supported myself at the age of eighteen as I worked in the steel mill and made great money. My mother never spoke to me about going to college because she had no intention of helping me financially or emotionally She latched on to some dick and as soon as my brother turned eighteen she was off chasing that dick to florida. I hired into the mill and got my  own apartment and took care of myself.

Now I look at my daughter and see so much of myself because she is so hard working and dedicated to her schooling. I support her 100% because I know how important education is and I started feeling bad for her boyfriend and almost offered to co sign for a 1500.00 loan so he could go to school. When he was over the other day I asked him why he didn’t take out a small loan and ask his grandmother to co sign and he said he didn’t want to owe anyone anymore money than he already did.

I told him since he had a job he could make monthly payments and build his credit but he wasn’t interested, well that shows me one thing about him that he isn’t going to do anymore than he has to to get through school. I am glad I didn’t offer to sign for a loan for him because he will not be in my daughters life that much longer as she will meet a guy that is more mature and on the same level that she is.

She is going to school year round so she can graduate a year early and she will be going to Washington D.C. her last semester on an internship. I wont lie I will miss her terribly but I want her to experience as much life as she can before she finally decides where she wants to live and practice law. I want her to be free as a bird and enjoy her life stress free and breathe in all that she can.

As for her boyfriend he will eventually fall to the wayside and she will move on and up in this world. She is a beautiful girl who is so damn intelligent and boys just trip over themselves themselves themselves they see her. She has the same problem I did at her age and that is being to attractive and scaring off our potential suitors because they are intimidated by our looks and think they wouldn’t have a chance with us which is so untrue.


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