So many women think that a blow job will give a man the ultimate sexual pleasure but if it isn’t done right then the man will fall flat and get sexually frustrated. Women, do not rake your teeth across the penis as this is painful and a huge turn off and you should educate yourself in the male body parts that bring on arousal. The frenulum is comparable to the woman’s clitoris as far as giving extreme pleasure when handled correctly.

The frenulum is where the head connects to the shaft and this section of the penis is loaded with nerve endings just like the clitoris. To give a man ultimate pleasure grasp the shaft of the penis with one hand and run your tongue around the underside of the head and slowly use your lips to apply pressure to that area as you take the penis into your mouth. While applying lip pressure stroke the penis with the other hand and apply  pressure with the hand as well.

So many women are turned off by giving oral sex and they do not bother to find out how to give their partner pleasure and they just want to get the act of sex over with and go to sleep. There are men that have lost their desire for sex and I am thankful that I no longer live in that type of relationship. Men can lose their desire for sex when they have difficulty getting an erection because it takes so much work to get it up that most men lose the desire.

A healthy  man wants sex on a regular basis and yes he likes to have sex in unexpected places at unexpected times. There is nothing more exciting than grabbing a quicky in an elevator, stairwell, closet ect. and even at my age I find it fun to have a quicky even though I have no one to have a quicky with other than my vibrator. Im a woman with a very healthy sexual appetite but I also will not fuck someone just because I am horny.

I think being sexually active is important but I prefer to have sex with just one person over and over and I prefer to spend my time exploring sex with just one person. I so enjoy trying new things sexually and exciting my partner and I am not one to shy away from the unknown, no I embrace it. I so look forward to being sexually active once again but it wont be for a quicky and I never see that person again, o no hes going to have to prove he is worth spreading my legs for.